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Post by Vetlus on Wed Jan 21, 2015 2:32 am

NOTE: By joining this server and closing the MOTD you agree to accept and respect all rules listed in this MOTD at all times and under no circumstance will you break rules at all for any reason ever.

Updated: 21/1/15

§1 - General
Do NOT disrespect any players in the server.

Unnecessary and excessive arguing.

Racist, homophobic or discriminate remarks against any race, sex, etc.

Spamming the chat in any form.

Using /advert chat command for anything out of roleplay.

Disrespect an admins authority in any way.

Always listen, to what an admin says.

Do NOT question them about the rules, if they tell you NOT to do something.

Spamming microphone in any way.

Continuing to make inappropriate sounds after receiving a complaint.

Playing music without role playing as an entertainer or radio broadcaster.

Do NOT use OOC chat to metagame.

Do NOT reveal disguised admins.

Building on the road is NOT allowed, no matter what.

Do NOT use moving textures on any props.

§2 - Props & Building
Propblocking: Blocking any public areas.
    2. Blocking all windows and doors of your base/shop without having at least one entrance with a working fading door and connected keypad.
    3. Blocking your printers and weapons without working keypads.

Propkilling: Forcefully throwing or pushing a prop at another player to cause damage or death.

Prop Pushing: Forcefully pushing a prop at a player in order to obstruct their roleplay. 2. Forcefully pushing a prop at your self in order to glitch into areas normally inaccessible by normal gameplay.

Propsurfing: Using your physgun in order to hover around the map.

Propclimbing: Spawning props to reach otherwise inaccessible places.

Propshielding: Using a props to shield yourself in a gun fight.

Proptrapping: Placing props around a player so that the player is unable to exit.
    2. Prop trapping is allowed if done in a RP way.

§3 - Base Construction
Your base may NOT contain more then 5 fading doors with working keypads for each one (shooting windows are an exception) (This rule is taken account from the first entrance to your base (Eg. Front door) to the final destination of anyone entering.)

All bases MUST be accessible by at least one entrance.

There MUST be a valid way into your base/shop.

If there are multiple entrances into your base/shop (Eg. Backdoors) you may block them but MUST leave one valid entrance.

Prop mazing

Do NOT create mazes with props to slow down players getting into your property.

Do NOT make players duck, jump, climb over props to slow them down or stop them getting into your property.

Fading door

You MUST have a button or keypad on each side for a fading door.

You may NOT make fading door bridges.

Fading doors have to stay open for a minimum time of 10 seconds.


All keypads MUST fully function.

Keypads MUST be clearly visible next to your fading door.

Keypads may NOT be invisible.

Shooting Windows

The minimum size for a shooting window is 4 tiles high and 8 tiles long.(Size of a bathtub)

Shooting windows MUST be placed at least 4 tiles above the ground.

The window MUST be the tile maximum height possible but without letting a player crouch through it.

All shooting windows MUST have a button on the shooters side of the window.

Shooting windows MUST be textured/colored as see through.

Shooting windows may NOT be closed for 10 seconds after being closed.

You may NOT use No collide on any of your props. (Unless used for pure roleplay purposes)

Building Sign

If you are building you MUST place a textscreen indicating that you are building.

You may NOT have contraband in your base/shop while building. (Printers, etc.)

You are NOT allowed to keep a building sign once you have finished building to prevent people from raiding you.

§3 - New Life Rule
The NLR comes into effect when a player dies. You do NOT remember anything about how or where you died.

If you die by an accident then you are excluded from NLR and may return to where you died.

If you are killed by another player intentionally then you may NOT return to where you were killed until 5 minutes is up.

§4 - Cheating
Cheating is defined as the following:

Using wallhacks, aimbots, ESPs, ghosting, excessive binds, etc.

Exploiting glitches or bugs to your advantage. Report all glitches/exploits to an admin or on the forums.

Exploiting the map by going outside it, underneath it, or inside the sky box.

Using macros, auto-clockers, configs, etc.

Alternate accounts are NOT allowed. You may only have one Steam account to play on the server with. Any others will be permanently banned and your primary account may also receive the same punishment. Cheating will result in a permanent ban.

§5 - Raiding
The raider(s) MUST obey the following rules when raiding another player:

You may NOT spawn any props during a raid.

Do NOT raid players in the process of building their base. This rule is invalid if the players base has printers inside.

Do NOT kill unarmed civilians when raiding a base, force them to face the wall at gun point. If they refuse or interfere with the raid you may shoot them.

The player(s) being raided MUST obey the following the rules while the raid is in process:

Closing your own recently cracked fading doors during raid is NOT allowed. (This includes the usage of the players keyboard number pad, keypads and buttons.)

You may NOT rebuild or repair your base while a raid is taking place.

Do NOT lock spam. This is defined as repeatedly hitting your lock key while someone is lockpicking your door.

Do NOT door spam. This is defined as repeatedly press E on a door that is unlocked.

You MUST advertise Muggings, Kidnapping, Raiding, Carjacking, Jihad, Stealing, Pickpocket, etc. with /advert chat command. (Eg. /advert Raid.)

You may only raid the same person every 30 minutes.

The CP(Police Station) can only be raided once every 15 minutes. This is global. Jobs that can raid
1. Thief
2. Mobster/Gangster
3. Mobboss
4. Hitman (Only when target is inside a building)
(All other jobs NOT listed here are NOT allowed to raid) Police raids If an item explodes inside a home, you may forcefully check the persons home for the source of the explosion.

§6 - Hostages
The maximum ransom amount you can ask for is $50000.

Do NOT run away while a gun is being pointed at you. This is breaking FearRP.

Once your demands/ransom have been met, you MUST release the hostage.

You MUST have a good roleplay reason to hold somebody hostage. Don’t randomly hostage people.

§7 - Random Deathmatch (RDM)
Do NOT random deathmatch. That means killing people without valid RP reason.

Types of RDM:

Killing a player that is NOT a threat to you.

Killing a player on sight without reason.

Killing wanted players without prior warning.

Killing a player as a hit if you are NOT a hitman.

Killing the mayor without a valid RP reason.

What is NOT RDM

Killing a player after being attacked.

Killing a player for killing your friend within 5 minutes of your friends death. (Only if you witness it.)

Killing police while wanted. (Only if they are chasing you.)

Killing police while you are being chased. (MUST NOT be a part of crime)

Killing police while a friend is being pursued.

Killing a player inside your property.

Killing a player by accident during a gunfight, as long as you apologize.

Killing a player for stealing your items.

Killing a player for breaking into your base.

§8 - Jobs & Groups

Civilian Groups:

You may NOT participate in any gangs or crime acts.

You may NOT raid.


You MUST always advertise before jihading. Do NOT jihad in spawn.

You may only jihad every 10 minutes.

Police Force:

You may NOT be corrupt. Do your job correctly.

You may NOT arrest/warrant/kill any player who does NOT follow server rules. Please report those players to an admin.

You may arrest people who do NOT follow the laws of the city.

If you are killed as a cop do NOT break NLR and go back to arrest them.

Do NOT kill fellow officers.

You may NOT have money printers or any illegal items.

Combat arresting is NOT allowed. (Rushing at a player with arrest baton while in a gun fight)

Criminal Groups:

Everything you sell as a criminal job is illegal and you may be arrested if caught selling to the public.

Do NOT randomly kill the Mayor. A valid reason MUST be specified. Ask an admin if you are unsure if you reason is valid.

The following jobs are classified as criminals:
Mob Boss.

Thieves can NOT steal from players in spawn, AFK players or admins on duty.


All hits MUST go through the hitmenu system.

Use advert when a hit is accepted and complete.

The minimum amount for a hit on someone is $500


All gundealers MUST have a shop at all times.

Gun dealers can NOT self-supply more then a handgun for self-defence.

Gun dealers can NOT be in any gangs.

As a gundealer advertise where your shop is located via the /advert chat command.

Gun dealers can NOT have printers unless you they a shop.

§9 - Cars
Do NOT Car Deathmatch/CDM (Using your car to kill somebody)

Do NOT intentionally run over people because they are on the road.

Drive carefully in crowded areas.

Do NOT physgun your car if it has been stolen.

Do NOT use your car to kill somebody shooting/kidnapping/mugging you.

Do NOT redeploy your car if it has been stolen.

Do NOT use use your physgun to place your car in inaccessible places.

FearRP still applies inside a vehicle, do NOT use your car as an armored vehicle.

Do NOT  ram or race with other vehicles (unless it is an event organized by a Super Admin).

§10 - Admins
You MUST still follow all normal rules even you are admin.

Do NOT noclip into people’s houses. Only noclip when a issue comes up that needs attention.

You MUST give a valid reason for banning/kicking.

The reason MUST explain why and what they were banned for.

Do NOT bother admins when you have no proof.

When you MUST request an admin, do it by PM NOT  OOC or Advert. You can also use @

Do NOT noclip into your house or around the map. Only noclip when an issue comes up.

Only Superadmins are allowed to carry out permanent bans with an exception for people cheating/hacking, serious prop minging or Mass RDM.

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